BlueBridge Wiki Extensions Word Import

This article will explain, how to easily import a Word document and automatically convert it to a wiki page.


With the new Word-import feature included in the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions, you can create new wiki pages from existing Word documents. No more need for re-writing the articles and for complicated exporting pictures from inside your documents, uploading them to the SharePoint and including them in your wiki pages. The Word-import will do the following for you:

  • take your existing Word-document
  • store the included images in a picture library (you can decide which pictures, if there are more than one)
  • create a subfolder in the picture library for each created wiki page to provide a better overview
  • import the text from the Word-document
  • insert the previously saved pictures at the right position in your newly created wiki page

Steps to clarify before

As soon as you have successfully absolved the steps above, you could import your first Word-documents to your wiki. If you want to, you can configure the import according to your needs using the instructions below. If not, have fun importing your Word-documents with default-settings.

Configurating the Word-import

To configure the Word-import according to your needs, navigate to the menu entry "Import configuration" in the wiki settings of the respective wiki library.

  • General Import Configuration
    Here you can adjust the availability of components within your wiki from your Word-documents:
    • the headers and footers
    • the table of content
    • the cover page.
    For each of the parts above, you can select one of these options:
    • Always - this part will always be removed and it is not possible to change the setting while importing
    • Never - this part will never be removed and it is not possible to change the setting while importing
    • user-defined - you can decide to remove this part while importing.
    Furthermore, you can configure following options to split the imported Word-document:
    • Never - no matter how long the document is, it will be converted to one wiki page
    • By title - a new wiki page will be created for each occuring "Heading 1" heading
    • By section - a new wiki page will be created for each section in the Word document
    • User-defined - you can choose between the options while importing
  • User-defined Styles
    To apply the look of the Word-document to your wiki as well, you can overwrite custom styles with those from your Word-document, e.g. usage of colored headings and fonts.
    To import styles from your Word template, click on the respective button on the configuration page and select your file. Click on the analyze styles button and see the list of all imported styles. Select the styles you want to take over to your wiki.


The ribbon-tab "Page" includes a button for the Word-import within the menu group "BlueBridge Wiki" which forwards you to the import page.
In case you have selected "user-defined" while configuring the import as described above, you now have the possibility to change the behaviour of the import regarding the removal of parts and the splitting of the document.
You also have the chance to define the picture library for storing the images included in your Word-document.
At last, select the Word-document which should be importet and hit the "Start Import" button. After a successful import, a hyperlink to the newly created wiki page can be found on the bottom of the page.