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User Manual and Installation Guide
For SharePoint 2007 and 2010

This documentation was created with the Wiki Extensions, then exported with Save2Disk and finally copied on to an external web server. This is a great way of using SharePoint for a CMS to prepare content for an external website.

White Papers

Migrating Wikis from 2007-2010
Notes for migrating wikis from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
Using XSLT
Notes on how to use XSLTs for customising the PDF Export


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Below you can find some examples for SharePoint wikis and where the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions can be very helpful.

Example 1: Handbooks / Manuals

Thinking about documentation, most people would reach straight to Microsoft Word. Of course Word is an excellent piece of software, but there are a number of cases where it might make more sense to use a wiki:

  • Each topic (article) is written by a specialist in that field
  • Permissions can be set flexibly in SharePoint
  • No time wasted on complicated formatting, margins etc., as is often the case in normal documents
  • Users don't have to check out and edit a whole document just to correct a typing error
  • In context and optimised for SharePoint search

With the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions you don't have to live without a proper structure and can save the "document" to PDF at any time.

Example 2: Event Planning

Planning events and trade fairs is generally a very stressful experience, and mistakes are easily made.

Using a wiki to plan an event means that you can pre-define a catalogue of questions (e.g. who will be participating, what is the marketing focus of the event?) that can be worked through, one by one. The key advantage here is that the information is online and so everyone stays up to date and it's much easier to identify points that have been forgotten.

The template function in the Wiki Extensions means that you can quickly create an identical catalogue of questions for the next event, saving time in the planning stages. Furthermore, you can take advantage of a structured approach, using the navigation web part to jump through the questions easily, and then exporting the whole library to PDF so that you can take it with you to the event.

Example 3: Knowledge Management

There is of course, no reason why you shouldn't use the Wiki Extensions for conventional knowledge bases. In these cases, the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions help by:

  • Allowing PDF Exports of SharePoint views
  • Offering an icon gallery, e.g. to display keyboard commands graphically
  • Limiting the user's ability to select fonts / font sizes