BlueBridge Wiki Extensions FAQ - technical questions

How do I install my purchased license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

You have purchased a license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions and received a license solution via mail. To deploy the solution to your server, follow one of these following instructions:

  • Using the Powershell
    Start the SharePoint Management PowerShell and use the following command to add your solution to the SharePoint farm:
    Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath pathToSolution\...License.XXX.wsp\“
    Then you can deploy the solution from the Central Administration (System Settings - Farm Management - Manage farm solutions) or using this next command:
    Install-SPSolution -Identity nameOfTheSolution.wsp
  • Using the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions Installer
    You can use the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions Installer to add the solution to your SharePoint. To do so, just copy the content from the license solution zip file into the folder of the installer and execute the setup.exe. Within the installer you will be able to deploy your solution using the function "Install" in the list of solutions.
  • Using the Central Administration
    Execute the first step of the PowerShell way to deploy a solution. Enter the Central Administration of your SharePoint Farm and go to "System Settings - Farm Management - Manage Farm Solutions". Click on the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions License Solution and then click on "Deploy Solution" in the upper left hand corner. Select the appropriate web application(s) and when to deploy the solution, after that hit the OK button and the solution will be deployed.

The PDF Export of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions doesn't work properly.

Error description: You start the PDF export for several wiki pages but the export fails, the pdf file is very small and cannot be opened using your PDF reader.

Solution: Probably one of the wiki pages you tried to export contained any special characters. Please try to export the wanted pages one by one so you will find the corrupt page. Fix the issues on that page and afterwards a batch export will be working properly.


Pictures in my PDF export are too wide

Error description: After exporting a wiki page to PDF you realize the pictures are too wide and not completely placed in the PDF page.

Solution: Probably you are using a relative width for the picture (e.g. style="width:100%"). This value will be used in the export for placing the picture into the PDF page in its full size. There are two better ways to place the whole picture on the page. One way would be to remove all size instructions from the pictures code. The export algorithm then will do its best to optimize the size of the picture regarding the width of the PDF page. Alternatively you can add fixed sizes to your pictures, smaller than 660 pixels. But this will also resize the picture in your wiki page and the picture than may appear smaller in your browser.


Why doesn't my navigation webpart in the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions show any chapters?

Please make sure you have activated the Site Feature "BlueBridge Wiki Extensiones" and you have added the additional wiki fields in the wiki library. Also proof you have entered chapter number and chapter title using the button "Edit Properties" in the ribbon "Page".


I cannot add the additional wiki fields from the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions to my wiki.

Probably your default content type in your wiki library was set to read-only mode. Change the settings of the content type to be editable again and re-try to add the additional wiki fields. The columns "Chapter Title" and "Chapter Number" should now be available.


How can I remove one of the headings in my wiki page from the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions ToC?

For computing the Table of Contents within the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions, we use some functionality to get all the headings ( "<h1>","<h2>",… ) from the wiki page. If you need some text to look like a heading and not to appear in the ToC, please use tags like "<div>" or "<span>" and add your style attributes to these tags.


What do I have to do regarding the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions when I want to migrate to another SharePoint version?

All you have to do is to make sure to install the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions on your new system before you migrate the content. During the term of the Maintenance & Support agreement of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions the Support Team will create a license solution for your new system for free.


Is there a BlueBridge Wiki Extensions version ready for SharePoint Online?

We are sorry, but our BlueBridge Wiki Extensions do not work on SharePoint online. This has technical reasons. The app architecture doesn’t allow such a deep integration in SharePoint online at the moment.
We hope Microsoft will offer more interfaces and technical options in future.
Nevertheless we are thinking about an app, that offers at least some of our features (e.g. the PDF export) for the online platform.
If you are interested in news about BlueBridge Wiki Extensions and SharePoint Online, feel free to contact us.


The BlueBridge specific buttons are greyed out, the ToC placeholder is not replaced correctly. What can be the cause?

When a new WebApp was created after the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions have been deployed, the solution needs to be deployed to this WebApp as well. Otherwise greyed out buttons in the ribbon and the ToC replacement issues can occur.


Can I test the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions bevor purchasing?

Sure, you can download a trial version of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions for your SharePoint Version for free. The trial versions are working for 30 days. If the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions have convinced you, you just need to add the purchased license to your trial to make it a full version. If you need some more time to do your test, you can ask here for an extended trial version.


How can I speed up the order of my license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

If you add the information about the SharePoint version you use (SP 2007, 2010 or 2013) and tell us the machine names of your servers we can go on directly and create your license solution.


Will the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions work properly even if I don't prolongate the Maintenance & Support agreement?

Yes, all purchased BlueBridge Wiki Extensions licenses are unlimited valid even if you do not prolongate your Maintenance & Support agreement. But please be aware you can then no longer benefit from the technical support and from the free change of licenses due to a server change or a migration to a new version of SharePoint. You can prolongate the Maintenance & Support agreement even backdated in case you need a license change.


What is the difference between the single license and the server license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

The single license is supposed for one web application on a server, while the server license offers you unlimited web applications on a single server.


How much are the follow-up costs for the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

You can see here, the annual Maintenance & Support fee is 20% of the license price at the prolongation time. Please be aware that the Maintenance & Support agreement automatically prolongates for another year if it wasn't terminated at least for weeks before the agreement term ends.


How can I pay my license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

If you'd like to pay using a credit card or PayPal, please use WebShop . In case you'd like to pay the amount invoiced by bank transfer, contact the Support Team and place your order by mail.


How can I stop the automatic prolongation of the Maintenance & Support agreement for my license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions?

To stop the automatic prolongation of the Maintenance & Support agreemnent for your license of the BlueBridge Wiki Extensions, contact the Support Team at least four weeks befor the term of the agreement ends.