Create a glossary

How to easily add a glossary to your wiki pages (or other HTML pages).

Applies to:

  • every SharePoint version (pure html, can be used everywhere; not just SharePoint)


If you want to create a glossary, you won´t find any solution, which is provided over a control or web part in SharePoint, but creation of a glossary in a SharePoint wiki can be achieved in different ways. In this article we will provide you a template, which you can use directly in your wiki page.

At the end of the article you will find two samples with download links to two different layouts for creating a glossary in your wiki.

Both examples are built with pure html; no javascript used. You don´t need any knowledge to use the provided examples. You just have to alter the examples to your needs (input your text).


Steps to do:

  1. Create a wiki page in your SharePoint wiki.
  2. Edit the wiki page and open up the source view with "Edit Source" over the corresponding ribbon button.


  3. Paste the complete html code of one of the given examples into the editor and hit save.
  4. At this point you should already see the result. Now you can edit the page and enter your own texts. This can be done directly with the standard-WYSIWYG editor of SharePoint. You don´t need to use the source view / you don´t need any html knowledge.


Layouts you can use:

  1. Table-layout (   Glossary_Table.html)


  2. Plain layout without any tables / without any structure (    Glossary_text.html)